About Us

Why Sayfty
“A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. Gender violence, in all its forms, is a broad and complex social problem in India. The horrific 2012 gang rape of Jyoti Singh that captured global media attention deeply impacted me, highlighting my own experience with sexual harassment while living in India. I no longer wanted to be a silent bystander; I wanted to enable Indian women to take charge of their own safety.” Dr. Shruti Kapoor, Founder of Sayfty.Our Vision
Sayfty has the vision to make the daily lives of millions of Indian women safer by empowering them to take a stance against gender violence. A woman’s safety is her birthright and our programs and initiatives ensure that she feels safe and free from violence.

We educate women and girls about the issue of violence against women by using digital media, storytelling and gender role discussions.

Sayfty has online campaigns to empower women and girls by making them more aware of their rights, helping them identify and speak out against gender violence. We provide safe spaces (online and offline) for open conversations with boys and men to bring about a fundamental shift in how violence against women is perceived.

Our self-defense workshops instill confidence in women and girls to protect themselves while encountering perpetrators.

Challenges We are Overcoming in Making Women Safer

  • Changing Mindsets rooted in age-old practices and customs – We advocate for women and girl’s safety. This often conflicts not only with patriarchal norms and rules, but also with women’s own internalized beliefs of that patriarchy. How do we convince women that their safety lies in their hands too. They need to be aware, alert, and equipped to protect themselves.
  • Teaching and Instilling the Respect for Women at an Early Age – The narrative on gender equality needs to change. We believe it is as crucial to create awareness in schools about violence against women and girls. To teach all the importance of gender equality and justice. Let’s encourage children to challenge and break gender stereotypes early on in their lives.
  • Inciting Citizens to Act – At Sayfty we believe change should begin with the community. Parents lead by example. Believe your daughters when they complain about harassment, believe your friend when they confide about being raped. If you witness a woman being sexually harassed, don’t be a silent bystander, take action.
  • Changing the System – Ensuring a zero-tolerance policy for violence against women at every level of governance and implementation. For the most part, women in India live in fear of violence, and feel scared. They make small lifestyle changes because law and order has failed to protect them. The current system is ineffective and inefficient and justice for survivors denied or delayed.