Sayfty is a registered Indian charity that depends on donations from supporters like you to organize self-defense workshops, raise awareness and educate women and girls to care for their personal safety

  • $100 provides a 2 hours safe and sound workshop to 1 girl/woman in New York city
  • $45 provides a 2 hours self-defense workshop for 3 women/girl in India
  • $100 sponsor a 2 hr child sexual abuse workshop for 25 children in India
  • $150 provides a 2-hour self-defense workshop to 10 students in India.

To makeĀ Online Donations OrĀ Donations by wire transfer and or checks: please email us at

Twitter: @SayftyCom
Facebook: @sayfty
Instagram: Sayfty

Thank you for joining us educate and empower women and girls against gender-based violence