SafeUnsafe Touch Workshops For Children

In India, 53.2% children experience sexual abuse[1]. In a study done by The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government Of India, it was found that one in five participants do not feel safe because of the fear of being sexually abused. What’s worse is, families of abused children do not come forward to report the abuse.

From 2012- 2016, the number of child rapes reported to the authorities has doubled. 
Sexual offense and kidnapping account for 81% of the crimes committed under minors. The only way to ensure the safety of our children is to create awareness about this subject. It’s important to teach children early on what are the different parts of their body. What is a safe touch and an unsafe touch? What should the child do if someone touches them inappropriately? Helping children identify their trusted circle of family members and caregivers allows them to be confident about sharing any unpleasant incidences.

Goals of the workshop

  1. To engage with children and parents on a serious topic like safe and unsafe touch
  2. To educate and raise awareness on the private parts of a child’s body and what safe and unsafe touch isTo engage the community at large to start having important conversations like these with their children to prevent future abuse.

During the workshops, we teach children aged 3-12 years

    • The difference between safe, unfriendly, and unsafe touches
    • Examples of safe/unsafe secrets
    • Private parts of our body
    • Friendly touches turning unfriendly
    • Identifying who is in our circle of trust and who to tell l
    • That kids have ownership of their own bodies
  • No, go, tell strategy

You can access full reports from our recent workshops using the following links:

Safe and Unsafe Touch Workshop Report_KydzHangout

Safe and Unsafe Touch Workshop Report – Anthea Montessori

We organize workshops for children aged 3-12 years in batches of 20- 25 children + a parent. We have done workshops in schools, in NGOs, in children’s play areas and private buildings. If you would like us to organize a session, please contact us at