is a weekly, hour-long, Twitter chat created by Sayfty to explore topics related to women’s safety and prevention of violence against women. So every Monday at 11:00 am ET, we invite an organization/guest that joins us in raising awareness on women’s issues. We field questions to them and to you, the #SayftyChat community. Together, we answer these questions and engage in a dialogue on topics related to women’s safety and ending violence against women.

Started in May of 2015, we have successfully hosted 120 weekly chats till date. These chats would not have been possible without our wonderful hosts Kavita, Krishnapriya, Subuhi, and Shruti. Most of all, a big Thank You to a great community of Twitter followers and our partners who join us weekly for an engaging discussion.

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Read the blog post on our October 14th #SayftyChat discussing Addressing Stereotypes in Media to Achieve GenderEquality

Upcoming #SayftyChats

DateGuest NameTopicsTwitter HandleHost's Name
10/07/2019Rachel ThompsonMistakes People Make When Discussing Sexual Violence@RachelintheOC
Dr. Shruti Kapoor
10/14/2019Dan Seymour & Un Stereotype Alliance Addressing Stereotypes in Media to Achieve GenderEquality@un_unstereotype
Dr.Shruti Kapoor
10/21/2019Seki AkiwowoOnline Abuse @seyiakiwowo
Kavita Chintapalli
10/28/2019Rouble NagiArt for SocialChange@roublenagi
Dr. Michelle Frank

A recap of some of our most successful chats

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Online Harassment & Free SpeechChild MarriagesChallenges & Opportunities In Achieving Gender Equality

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