Voice of the Week

Welcome to Sayfty's #VoiceofTheWeek program. Our #VoiceofTheWeek picks one person on Twitter every week to express their opinions on Violence Against Women (#VAW) using our platform. It means for a week you will be in charge of curating our twitter account and speaking out to spread awareness on women related topics you are most passionate about.

Your topics can range from important issues like #VAW, sexual harassment, marital rape to women's empowerment and inspirational stories. The curation gives you an opportunity to raise awareness, interact with our followers and express your opinion.

Over the past year, we have had our curators from not only various cities, but different countries and continents. The above map shows the various cities our curators have come from. Click on each pin to get more details on our past curators.


Gaurav Garg"Being the first male "VoiceofTheWeek" was quite a good experience, I was able to share my own viewpoints and also spend sometime on the issue of male participation in prevention of violence against women. Enjoyed the discussions and conversations" - Gaurav Garg
Nidhi Shendurnikar"The best thing about being #voiceoftheweek was the fact that it gave me a sense of agency and voice for speaking on gender issues. Otherwise, I do keep writing about gender issues on various portals. But, that is a limited attempt to sensitize people on gender issues. Sayfty's #voiceoftheweek program gave me a platform to connect with like-minded people and got me to think on not one but several gender issues because there was one theme being dealt each day. The process was interactive, led to instant feedback and hence got me connected with many people in one go. This is what I liked the best. Conversations were initiated and I got to engage in a lot of innovative research for issues that I had to tweet about" - Nidhi Shendurnikar-Tere
Kiran N"Engagement with other organisations on twitter. Also the help that Shruti provides to cover time zones is great!" - Kiran Nandra
Pascal Masuba
"Having the opportunity to discuss issues that I'm very passionate about makes the #voiceoftheweek experience really worthwhile for me. I couldn't have asked for more; being part of a passionate women advocacy movement was engaging. Sharing my African experience with the Sayfty platform not only enabled me to better understand issues around Violence Against Women but widened my horizon in sharing societal stereotype stories and learning from outstanding gender advocates around the world, and together work to be the voice of the voiceless and vulnerable of societies. The #Voiceoftheweek program gave me the power to be in control of my own words and passion, and expressively talk on issues I hold dearly." - Pascal Masuba
Kavita Headshot"I learned a lot about various issues pertaining to women's safety through looking for content and talking with people on Twitter - it was a great experience!" - Kavita Chintapalli
Kirthi"The facts that I got to engage with a wider network of people, a community of likeminded individuals, and also got to share my views through Sayfty!" - Kirthi Jayakumar
Ananda Bandyopadhyay"The opportunity to spread awareness about a range of issues related to the health, safety and well-being of women, and interact with a wide spectrum of audience on Twitter. It was motivational, and though I was traveling internationally for work all through the week, I was inspired enough to log in and interact as much as I could. I found the entire concept very innovative, and the approach of the Sayfty leadership extremely flexible, receptive (to ideas/thoughts), and courteous" - Ananda Bandyopadhyay
"I like the widespread audience of the twitter handle and the diversity in interests. It was freedom to raise any issue we saw fit within the scope of women's health" - Dr. Alok Patel
"I learned more about the topic of violence against women as I read and vetted articles for tweeting. I like be experiences that allow me to learn as much as educate" - Dr. Amy Brady
"I felt I was using the power of social media and its reach for something useful, esp for the cause of women. I personally believe that women should take the first step and are the first stakeholders in their own safety and the thought of being able to reach lot more women and talk to them about safeyt through Sayfty was a great experience. I managed to share many tips and advice to many other women and in turn get theirs. It was an enriching experience, even if it was for a week." - Manju Kalanidhi
"What I liked best about the whole experience was discussing topics that I was interested in and related to Sayfty as well, hearing other peoples experiences and views, and sharing my own. So many questions answered in just a week!"- Namrata Sadhvani
"I decided to curate Sayfty while I was staying in Bangalore. This geographic shift from my original place of work (Cambridge, MA, USA) allowed me to comment on the nuances of several topics from diverse vantage points, and engage with a wider audience."- Meera Seshadri

"The voiceoftheweek opportunity allowed me dig deeper into issues that I have always cared about. I learned a lot of hard facts on different areas of inequality which I wasn't aware of."- Shreyasi Jha