Rebel Books: Empowering Girls & Challenging Gender Stereotypes

“Children are very impressionable from a very young age. For centuries, through books, we have been telling the same stories about a prince charming saving a damsel in distress thereby reinforcing the concepts of masculinity and femininity from an early age,”

Rebel Books Campaign
Sayfty’s intern, Katy Brennan, helped us launch a new campaign focussed on children books that empower girls and challenges gender stereotypes. We would love any support that you or your organization can give us!

Why this campaign?
Children are impressionable and begin learning from a very young age. They begin to form opinions and act upon things they see and learn from, so the books they read or are being read influence their future. We hope that by encouraging our community to read books that defy gender stereotypes, girls will grow up feeling empowered and equal to boys rather than viewing themselves as the lesser sex.

How to participate?
Please take a picture of a children’s book that empowers girls or defies gender stereotypes and post it on your social media page (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). When posting, tag Sayfty (Twitter: @sayftycom, Facebook: @sayfty, Instagram: @sayfty) and use the hashtag #rebelbooks in your post.

This campaign will run for 4 months (through December) in order to give participants time to find content and share on a variety of platforms.

The goal of this campaign is two-folds:

    1. To raise awareness about children’s books that address gender stereotypes and inspire girls
    1. To create a resource page of inspirational books for parents to refer to and further add to the list. This will give teachers and parents a running list of books to empower their girls and teach their children gender equality from a young age.
  1. To find sponsors for these #RebelBooks to donate to underprivileged young girls in a country of their choice

Help Us
If you believe in Gender Equality, please DONATE a rebel book from our selection below. Help us share this campaign with your network using social media or emails. Encourage your friends and followers to participate by posting a picture of a book(s) that empower girls and challenge gender stereotypes. This campaign is open to all genders across all geographic borders. We encourage books in different languages.

Here is a sample post you can share on our social media pages

Twitter: “Check out this new campaign by .@sayftycom! Click and post a pic of an empowering children’s book, Tag them on social media! Remember to use #rebelbooks”

Facebook and/or Instagram: “Check out this campaign by @sayfty to address gender stereotypes. You can participate by taking a picture of a children’s book that empowers girls or challenge gender stereotypes. Post it on social media, tag them (Instagram and Facebook: @sayfty or Twitter: @sayftycom). Remember to use the hashtag #rebelbooks in your post!”

Want to DONATE one of the #RebelBooks?

Send a used or new copy of any of the #RebelBooks to the following address:

Team Sayfty
500 4th Avenue, #5L, Brooklyn NY 11215

Ph# +1-951-892-8422

What’s Being Said About The Campaign?

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The Deccan Chronicle 

Submissions (To learn more about the book or buy it, click on the thumbnail. In Alphabetical order by title)