Powered By Hope

Powered By Hope - A podcast in collaboration with Monica Bhide

Started during the pandemic in 2020, Powered By Hope is a collaborative podcast project between Monica Bhide & Sayfty Trust.

In these short episodes, Monica shares her reflections and musings on staying centered during chaotic times. Each episode offers a gentle perspective as we face a new normal and learn what it means to be physically distanced and, yet, connected to our very core.

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The Powered By Hope - Financial Grand For Survivors Of Domestic Violence in India

Moving a step forward, we are now setting up a financial grant of $1000 (Rs 74,000) for survivors of domestic violence in India. Many women in India find themselves in abusive relationships, unable to move out due to barriers, including financial dependence.

We hope the money from this unconditional grant will help two survivors in the best possible way.

If there is one quote I live by, it is the one: In the end, we are all walking each other home. My sons, Jai and Arjun, and I would like to walk with someone to help make their life a bit brighter, a bit lighter and filled with the potential of a better tomorrow. I sincerely hope this grant will help those who need it." Monica

To apply for the grant or nominate an individual, please use this form. The deadline for the application is May 14, 2021. Kindly do not give out identities of survivors without their permission.

We thank Monica for collaborating with us to set up this grant and hope to be able to grow it and help more survivors in the future” - Dr. Shruti Kapoor

To contribute financially or partner, please write to us at team@sayfty.com


"Love the story of Dronacharya and Arjun and it is amazing how you make it so relevant and applicable in these times of uncertainty. Filtering the noise out is indeed hard but loved your idea to commit to doing small tasks that bring us happiness. Thank you for another lovely episode" - Anitha Narayan

"Your voice is so soothing. Thank you Monica! Ready for the next one. Love you!", Dianne Murphy