Rebel Books Evaluation Reports

Sayfty believes that the root cause of gender-based violence is the acceptance of gender stereotypes and the widespread notion that women are less deserving of education and empowerment to determine their own futures. To address this root cause, Sayfty piloted the Rebel Books Campaign, which introduces books that depict female experiences and feature female main characters. This campaign was paired with gender sensitization training in June/July 2018 at Pardada Pardadi Educational Society in Anupshahr, Uttar Pradesh with 55 students divided into four batches.

Our evaluation report, dated June 20th, 2018, described and analyzed this training. The report also included potential adaptations of the campaign to reach groups of students with varying ages, educational levels, and genders. We implemented these adaptations for the first time with three batches of youth receiving skills training at Joining Hands in Badarpur, Haryana. Two of the three batches were mixed-gender, while one batch was exclusively for women enrolled in a hospitality training program at the center, specifically designated for women.

The following reports highlight the adaptations of the original campaign. It summarizes the discussions held during the gender sensitization training.  And compares the effectiveness of the campaign between the mixed-gender groups and the female-only group based on pre and post-reading surveys. Additionally, we have included additional adaptations of this campaign that may prove effective for groups with similar demographics.

Gender Sensitization Training Report_Anupshahr

Gender Sensitization Training Report_Delhi