YouthDay2016_UNWomen_YoungWomensLeadershipEventUNHQ__LB_1646_1_675x450Dr. Shruti Kapoor – Founder and President

Shaken by the horrific gang rape in Delhi 2012 that caught the attention of the global news media, Dr. Shruti Kapoor founded Sayfty in June 2013  to educate and empower women and girls of India against all forms of violence. The initiative aims at creating awareness of laws and legal rights, dialogue around women’s safety. In 2015, Sayfty was awarded the People’s Choice Award by Femverstising, and won a State recognition award by the UP government in India for the organization’s work on safety and education of girls. In 2015 also, Dr. Kapoor was awarded the Rex Karamveer fellowship, “to share impactful ideas for action and transform lives through projects and ideas of hope,” and was awarded “Woman of the Year.” Read more about our Founder

Meet the People Helping Transform Sayfty’s Initiatives into Action

Kavita Chintapalli
Social Media Consultant
Kavita is a social media manager with experience in leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites to interact with communities and share quality content to further organizations’ goals. She also acts as a social media consultant for Sayfty and hosts #SayftyChat monthly. In her spare time, Kavita blogs about social media and marketing on her self-hosted and managed website,
Kunal Parmar
Graphic Designer
Kunal Parmar holds a degree in Mass Media with Advertising as a specialization from the University of Mumbai. He currently works as a Graphic Designer for Sayfty. Being interested in Social issues, he creates hard hitting visualized content. Having decent knowledge about the on - goings in the industry, he wishes to be a companion for Sayfty in their long run and enhance the initiative thereby!
Namrata Bhagtani
Workshop Facilitator

Namrata Bhagtani organizes SafeUnsafeTouch workshops for Sayfty. She is a doting mother to twin toddler boys, an architect by education, and teacher by passion. Namrata is a writer/blogger  who is trying to do her bit in making the world a better place for her kids. 

Sammy Sahni
Workshop Facilitator

Sammy Sahni conducts SafeUnsafeTouch workshops at Sayfty. She also manages our instagram page. She is a writer, lifestyle blogger and a social media consultant who has a strong opinion on women’s empowerment issues and gender equality.

Subuhi Safvi
Sayftychat Host

Subuhi regularly hosts #sayftychat at Sayfty. More recently she has started conducting gender sensitization workshops for us. Subuhi has worked with think tanks researching issues relating to women and development. She likes to blog and spend time pampering her two dogs.

Deeksha Teri

Deeksha Teri is our Fall intern. She creates content for our social media pages and works primarily on #sayftychat. Deeksha is also a freelance Journalist who cares about making issues related to education and gender equality. 

Sayfty works with weekly volunteers from all over the world who help us spread awareness via our #VoiceOfTheWeek Twitter program. If you would like to apply for our VoiceOfTheWeek program please use the sign up form on the page above.