Meet the Women Extraordinaire – 2015


2015 as been an exciting year for the Women Extraordinaire series. As we come to wrap up the year we want to take a few minutes to THANK YOU, our loyal readers for not only reading our interviews but also sending us great feedback on how these interviews have personally inspired you. We are always glad to hear from you.

Looking back here are some of our favorite interviews we have done this year:

Sania Mirza
Arunima Sinha
Sunitha Krishnan
Mallika Sarabhai
Dr. Catherine Hamlin

While we have truly enjoyed interviewing each of the 17 ladies selected this year, on a personal note, meeting and interviewing these five inspirational ladies was a memorable moment for us.

Starting 2016 we will be transitioning the series to People Extraordinaire. With its Meet the People Extraordinaire series, Sayfty takes further its march to help inspire and bring out the modern, thinking individual in each of us. These are stories of inspirational figures who’ve broken barriers in their personal and professional lives, challenged stereotypes and fought against prejudice in the various forms it is prevalent in our social environment. The people we feature are not just gender-sensitive but also extremely resilient and passionate in their endeavour to support whatever cause they believe in- be it education, health or trafficking. Their tales of finding their voice are not just to instil a sense of awe in others but to show that accomplishments and achievements are possible despite the inevitable struggles life throws at us. We hope to empower all our readers so that they are able to see themselves potentially as these achievers who, by sharing their journey, are hoping to give back to the community by mentoring, educating, sharing knowledge and experience and in turn, building future leaders. Let the quest towards discovering oneself begin.