Bleed Red

woman screaming

We Bleed Red!
Bleed seven days a month,
12 times a year and half our lifetime.
Have the womb of the universe,
still, sanitary pads need to be folded in a black polythene.
Mindset demands,
we whisper in ears,
not touch pickles, or enter temples.

Temples have goddesses,
and people have forgotten that goddesses are women.
What's the shame?
We need to dazzle!
Our pain, sacrifice 
remains unheard amid the patriarchial chaos.

Weak, not us!
The society, hypocrite
Shame Not us, but the chauvinists

About The Author

Shreyashi Dutta is an avid reader and passionate writer. She is a social thinker, an optimist and most importantly a proud woman who believe in equality.

Artwork by Kully RehalĀ