Helpful books on self defense

In our post about tips on staying safe, we talked about the importance of trusting your gut and defending yourself. Here are two must-read books that address those tips in great detail. While every situation may not apply to our lives, there is much to learn from both books.

The Gift of Fear
Author: Gavin De Becker

Gavin De Becker’s bestseller makes a clear distinction between fear and paranoia. He draws on real-life stories and situations to explain how fear arising from danger is different from any other form of uneasiness.

Becker’s fact-based approach guides the reader into approaching a situation keeping in mind only the facts and no additional influences. For example, a stranger is going out of his way to help you. He may seem harmless. But the fact remains that he is still a stranger with nothing to gain whatsoever from helping you. Doesn’t that make you think twice?

He teaches you to train your instincts and draw upon them before making decisions on a day-to-day basis. The book also contains stories from people who have used his techniques to extract themselves from dangerous situations.

Fight Like a Girl… and Win
Author: Lori Hartman Gervasi

Defence expert Lori Hartman Gervasi’s guidebook teaches women how to defend themselves not only physically but also psychologically. She tells compelling stories of women who fought back, how they fought back and whether or not they succeeded.

It contains 26 potentially life-saving decisions that teach you to believe in your strength, devise a strategy and attack. She lists physical moves that can temporarily hurt attackers and allow women a chance to escape.

Her approach is simple; your chances of living are greater if you fight back. So that should be your only option. She tells the reader to fight like a woman gone mad, not the woman she is.

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