Starting a Podcast To Inform and Empower Women

If you’re considering starting a podcast, we don’t blame you. You may be interested in starting a show dedicated to informing and empowering women to nurture their health.

This is especially important in an age where health misinformation and gender-based discrimination are commonplace. For instance, recent research revealed that on  Pinterest, about 51.1%  of posts about breast cancer contained misinformation. In regards to gender discrimination, Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2022 Women’s Health Survey found that one in ten women aged 18-64 were discriminated against during a healthcare visit in the past two years.

Aside from looking to educate others, creating a podcast can be a fun experience. It also allows you to do your own research to inform your personal health journey and contribute to the movement to inform and empower other women on theirs. But to start a podcast, you must dig into the logistics.

The Logistics of Starting a Podcast About Holistic Women’s Health

You could go in many different directions with a podcast around women’s health. However, it’s essential to not try to be everything to everyone. Not doing the same thing that everyone else is doing is also critical.

A huge factor in gaining a following quickly and creating a podcast women and others enjoy for years is your ability to tackle the logistics and plan. Starting a successful podcast begins with ensuring that you have the correct equipment for recording. Then you can choose your name and work towards developing your idea and creating a full range of programming around your concept.

Flesh Out Your Idea

Take some time to flesh out your podcast idea in its entirety. How do you see yourself empowering women to protect and nurture their health and wellness through your podcast? Think mainly about what will make your podcast unique.

This could be the niche or target audience you choose for your podcast. For example, instead of tackling women’s health topics for women in general, you could focus on women of color or those living with disabilities.

If you’re looking for inspiration or topic ideas, you could listen to these exceptional women’s health-related podcasts:

  • The Happy Vagina;
  • As A Woman;
  • Fertility Friday Podcast;
  • The Women’s Health Podcast;
  • The Wellness Mama.

You could also separate yourself from the competition through your podcast brand’s visual identity, meaning your name, cover art, and logo. Your personality and how you present information could differentiate you too.

Define your format, length, and frequency

Once you flesh out your podcast idea, tackle the formalities of podcasting, specifically your format, length, and frequency. When it comes to format, some of the most common are:

  • Solo podcasts;
  • Interview podcasts;
  • The panel podcast format;
  • The conversational podcast format.

A Google search for “podcasting formats” will give you more information on formats used by some of the most successful podcasters. Don’t be afraid to invent your own podcasting format by using a combination of the above.

In addition to your format, figure out how long you want your episodes to be and how often you want to publish new ones.

Brainstorm episode concepts

The women’s health realm is a big one. There is a broad range of topics that you can discuss.

You can discuss a broad range of topics, such as the normalcy of cravings during your period and how women tend to crave sugar, specifically, before and during their cycles. You can take this topic a step further, discussing how to stop sugar cravings by building healthy habits like consuming more fiber and getting better sleep.

Maybe you want to tackle trends in women’s holistic health, the state of women’s health worldwide, or unconventional ways to support mental health and well-being. Take some time to brainstorm episode concepts that fit your target audience and what you’re personally passionate about relating to women’s holistic health.

After that, create an episode template that you can use to organize how each episode will go.

Recording and Editing

Now for the fun part. Recording your podcast episodes and editing them. Both processes start with your tools. You’ll need to factor in your budget and abilities, but at the very least you’ll need a:

  • Computer;
  • Microphone;
  • Headphones;
  • Recording software;
  • Editing software;
  • A podcast hosting platform.

Additional tools, like a mixer, camera, and windscreen can come later as your skillset grows and you make money.

You also want to ensure you’re recording in the proper space. There should be enough room for you and any guests, but void of anything that could affect the audio quality, like lots of furniture and other objects that cause echoes. Finally, give yourself enough time to record and edit your episodes. You may want to practice before starting to record to get your voice and presence down. Hiring people experienced in podcasting might also be helpful to ensure things go smoothly.

Promote your podcast and connect with listeners

You can record as many podcast episodes as you want. But if no one knows they’re available, all your effort goes to waste. Make sure you’re promoting your podcast and connecting with listeners regularly.

Figure out where your target audience is and meet them there. This could be on social media, at events, or on the internet via websites and email lists. After that, create original content that attracts your target audience and keeps them engaged, like:

  • Infographics;
  • Polls and surveys;
  • Live streams for Q&A sessions;
  • Virtual events and workshops;
  • Reels and short and long-form videos.

Whatever you create to promote your podcast, ensure it’s high quality and published frequently across a variety of channels.

Starting a podcast to inform and empower women to stand for their holistic health and wellness is a noble gesture. Navigate the logistics well and you’ll be on your way to being a successful podcaster.

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