Campus Safety – Back to School & Back to Safety


Students need better access to resources to improve campus safety!

Campus safety is an issue that people of all genders and ages on campus should consider. Many college students recently started classes. Returning to classes means that students have to consider their safety once again.

Because campus safety is an issue that affects everyone, campuses everywhere should place more importance on the issue. Campus tours stress security and safety features, but after admission, many notice a lack of discussion. Colleges and universities must generate more conversation about this topic.

Many female students face the issue of catcalling when walking around on campus. Catcalling, which is whistling, shouting, or making an unwanted comment towards a female, is something that many female students report that make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable when walking around campus.

With this being such a major issue, what are campuses already doing to promote campus safety?

  • Increasing security after issues, like armed robbery
  • Providing shuttle transportation for students at all hours
  • Keep students informed of campus safety violations occurring
  • Increasing security in campus buildings

Campus safety can’t just improve through university officials, students must take steps too!

While the university has to take some responsibility in students’ safety, students can take actions to improve their safety too. Some ways that students can improve their safety are:

  • Walking in groups and not alone, especially at night
  • Carry pepper spray
  • Don’t show expensive belongings when you’re walking, such as laptops, cell phones, etc.
  • Stay alert and aware of your surroundings, especially when walking!
  • Utilizing apps that promote safety

Students should be mindful of their own safety as well as looking out for others. Speaking out against catcalling can help change the mindset that it’s acceptable. Walking with someone if it’s late at night can not only increase your own safety, but benefit others as well. Working together with fellow students will greatly improve the safety of campuses and students’ lives.

About the Author

Kathryn Pitts is a Political Science major at Georgia State University, pursuing a career in the non-profit sector. She is aiming to work with refugees, specifically women and children, and women’s rights on a global scale. She is passionate about volunteer work and strives to help others every day. Kathryn also enjoys playing with her dog and hiking on weekends off.

Image source: StorageFront