#Sayftychat: Leaving Abusive Relationships

This week (July 8, 2019) on our Twitter chat, #SayftyChat, we discussed “Leaving Abusive Relationships” with Lucia Harper. This week’s chat was focused on how to end a relationship with an abusive partner, and how to support others to end abusive relationships.

We had participants join the chat from Nairobi, India, US, Canada, UK, Columbia, and South Africa.

Questions discussed

  1. For women in abusive relationships what are some clear signs it’s time to leave?
  2. Why is it hard for women in abusive relationships to leave?
  3. What are some discreet good safety plan apps to have on your phone or options just in case a woman in an abusive relationship needs it?
  4. What are some ways to be an ally to a person leaving a dangerous partner? Or even a regular partner?
  5. How can we make men our allies in this journey of leaving an abusive relationship if need be?

If you missed the twitter chat on Leaving Abusive Relationships, here is the recap:

#SayftyChat is a weekly, hour-long, Twitter chat created by Sayfty to explore topics related to women’s safety and prevention of violence against women. So every Monday at 11:00 am ET, we invite an organization/guest that joins us in raising awareness on women’s issues. We field questions to them and to you, the #SayftyChat community. Together, we answer these questions and engage in a dialogue on topics related to women’s safety and ending violence against women.