Sayftychat: Women Uplifting Women

#Sayftychat is our weekly Twitter chat that explores topics related to women’s safety and preventing violence against women ().

On February 4th’s, #sayftychat, we discussed ‘Uplifting Women’. Our featured guest was Sneha Bhattacharjee. Sneha is a journalist working with Business Standard. While editing on the job, she also writes about changemakers in society. Off the job, you will find her juggling time between family, books, music, and Buddhism

We had participants join the chat from Nairobi, India, US, Canada, UK, Columbia, and South Africa

Questions discussed

Q1: Do you still witness instanced of disgusting/disappointing reactions on the birth of a girl child?
Q2: How do stereotypes gender roles dictate gender inequality from childhood itself
Q3: How does taboo surrounding menstruating girls lead to gender inequality?
Q4: Indian familiar restrict their girls “for their own safety”. Why does the burden of safety lie on the girls? Why are girls still blamed for the harassment they face?
Q5: What measures can we take to build a gender equal society for our children?

If you missed the twitter chat, here is the recap

#SayftyChat is a weekly, hour-long, Twitter chat created by Sayfty to explore topics related to women’s safety and prevention of violence against women. So every Monday at 11:00 am ET, we invite an organization/guest that joins us in raising awareness on women’s issues. We field questions to them and to you, the #SayftyChat community. Together, we answer these questions and engage in a dialogue on topics related to women’s safety and ending violence against women.