#sayftychat on Virginity

#Sayftychat is our weekly Twitter chat that explores topics related to women’s safety and preventing violence against women ().

On February 4th’s, #sayftychat, we discussed ‘Virginity’. Our featured guest was Womenite, an NPO aiming towards building a better world for the oppressed by working as change makers. They are staunch supporters of women’s rights and have been active online for campaigns as well as offline for issues like child sexual abuse.

We had participants join the chat from Nairobi, India, US, Canada, UK, Columbia, and South Africa

Questions discussed

1. Why do you think people associate virginity as a symbol of purity and virtue?
2. Do you think rape victims are frowned upon mainly because their families put honor in their vaginas?
3. During marriages, why is the virginity of a woman usually questioned, while there are no such “purity” parameters for men?
4. Recently, an Indian professor objectified virgin women as “sealed bottles” an unchaste woman as “bottle of cold drinks” and “packet of biscuits”. Where do you think such misogynistic sexist ideologies come from?
5. “A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock.” How would you counter such baseless analogies directed at people, especially women?

If you missed the twitter chat, here is the recap

#SayftyChat is a weekly, hour-long, Twitter chat created by Sayfty to explore topics related to women’s safety and prevention of violence against women. So every Monday at 11:00 am ET, we invite an organization/guest that joins us in raising awareness on women’s issues. We field questions to them and to you, the #SayftyChat community. Together, we answer these questions and engage in a dialogue on topics related to women’s safety and ending violence against women.