#SayftyChat: Mental Health

mental health awareness month

#Sayftychat is our weekly Twitter chat that explores topics related to women’s safety and preventing violence against women (#VAW).

This week (May 6, 2019) on our Twitter chat, #sayftychat, we discussed ‘Mental Health’. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this week’s chat was focussed on the importance of raising awareness of Mental Health issues.

We had participants join the chat from Nairobi, India, US, Canada, UK, Columbia, and South Africa.

Questions discussed

1. What does mental health refer to?

2. Why is focusing on mental health important?

3. Who is most likely to get a mental illness?

4. What are some factors that impact our mental health and well being?

5. What are some common myths surrounding anxiety?

6. Please share some resources for self-care (books, apps, therapy, professional help).

If you missed the twitter chat, here is the recap

#SayftyChat Recap: Mental Health