8 Ways to Practice Body Positivity

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The battle against your own negative self-perception is one of the hardest internal battles to win. There are so many layers to it, of which body positivity is one. It’s a daily practice you have to consistently stick to, which is not always easy. To help, we’re sharing 10 simple ways you can practice body positivity every day.

1. Repeat Affirmations To Yourself

Before you start your day and before the rest of the world gets into your head, you should think and verbally say positive things that will build yourself up. Positive mantras will help negate that negative self-talk about your body that you tend to believe.

Telling yourself affirmations like “my body is beautiful” in front of the mirror can seem fake in the beginning, but you don’t understand the power your mind has yet. Eventually, we become what we think and, as you continuously tell yourself this each day, you’ll begin to feel the truth of your words in your body. 

2. Dress in Clothes that Make You Feel Good

Have you ever felt like you’re untouchable when you’re wearing an outfit you really like? You feel good in your body when you’re confident with the clothes you’re in. Remember that clothes are made for you to fit into and not the other way around. Wear clothes for the body you have now and don’t keep clothes for when you land on a certain weight.

3. Give Out Compliments

Those who judge others are typically hardest on themselves. If you have criticism directed at other people (whether you are saying it out loud or in your head), it likely means you have twice as many negative thoughts about yourself.

Rather than looking at someone and instantly putting them down, say something kind to them. Compliment their outfit, their hairstyle, or something unique about them. As you begin to share more positive words with others, it will help you to identify your own positive attributes.

4. Surround Yourself with Body Positivity Messages

It may sound corny to people who dislike the term, but self-help resources like books or podcasts can actually work! Even post-it notes with encouraging quotes on your wall can help change your mindset when you see them often. Being body positive is more about your mindset than it is about your actual body, so frequent reminders do help.

5. Stop Playing the Comparison Game

This one is so important! Comparing yourself has the same effect as judging and criticizing other people, if not more grave. It’s poison for your mind because it harbors negativity. You usually think of yourself and your body as less than others when you compare, which is the opposite of what being body positive is.

If you find yourself comparing your body to those that you see on Instagram or other forms of social media, consider taking a break from those platforms.

6. Do Workouts that Focus on Loving Your Body

If you’ve never taken a yoga or pilates class, consider trying one out! Exercises such as yoga and pilates are great, because they place an effort in breathing and reflection, along with thanking your body throughout the workout.

While you might not be able to attend a workout class every day, you can take a few minutes each day to do a few stretches and breathing exercises that help you focus on positivity and embracing the body you have.

7. Opt for Healthier Food

Self-care is not limited to your external appearance. There’s a reason you don’t feel the best after binge-eating junk food. The outside reflects what’s inside, so eating healthy food can only contribute to making you feel better about your body.

While that takeout pizza might sound delicious, think about how it generally makes you feel afterward – potentially bloated, overly stuffed, and sluggish. When you feel this way, it’s easy to body shame yourself. Avoid this by reaching for healthier food that provides you with energy!

8. Practice Radical Self-Acceptance

Okay, maybe this isn’t the smallest and easiest thing to practice every day. If you’ve ever struggled with body acceptance and positivity, you know how huge of a hurdle it is to overcome the negative preconditions you’ve associated your body with over the years. However, this is probably the most fundamental answer to the question of how to be body positive.

It won’t come easy every day as your insecurities, demons, and flaws haunt you more on some days, but it’s something you have to fight for. Sometimes, faking that you love your body unconditionally is the only way to train your mind to be more positive towards it. Eventually, it will feel genuine even on the hard days.


Being body positive is an everyday battle that never ends. Winning it isn’t a guarantee, but these little practices and body acceptance tips help combat it for the long run. Just know that most everybody else is going through the same thought processes about their bodies, and what you think about your body is the only opinion that matters.

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